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Entry for the 1st International System Creativity Contest
Theme: Trains
Catch phase: A pleasure ride
The year was 1936, in the middle of the great American depression. A tiny railroad in the southern part of the state of Colorado struggles to survive after coming out of bankruptcy earlier in the decade.  In a effort to save money and maintain service, the Rio Grande Southern Railroad developed self propel motors to move the mail and passengers between the small towns in the middle of the Rocky mountains.

Without any plans, and to save money, the railroad took available steel and old car bodies and engines to develop the motors.  Only a total of eight were built 1931 and 1936 and the last one #7 was modelled for this contest.

Taking a cue from the photo found here:
we begin our pleasure ride.
First we built the Dolores station for our pleasure riders:
Like most small American station, there are areas for freight and passengers.  Due to the complex roof, the structure was actually built upside down, beginning with the top roof line.

Here is a detail of the freight area with two freight doors.  The one on the side is for truck loading.  The two smaller doors are actually tiny restrooms.
Next we see our Galloping Goose #7 pulling into our station to pick up our passengers.  During the latter part of the railroad life, the Galloping Goose was converted to handle the tourist passengers.  The Galloping Goose had many configurations during its lifespan, from freight with a box car attached to the converted boxcar passenger car.
First some of passengers, quickly, needs to get a ticket:
With the Galloping Goose picking up our riders, we can compare this scene to our previous reference photo above.
The Galloping Goose is the prototype of the new upcoming World of Bricks custom kit to be released in the first quarter of 2002.  Shown as a push along and display model, the kit will includes instructions for conversion for electric operations.

Here's a close up view:
Here's a little higher viewpoint.  This Goose model will hold 7 passengers along with the motor operator.
Finally, here's the side view:
The Galloping Goose #7 at Dolores Station
I hope you enjoyed our entry for the contest.